4 Outdoor PE Activities Every Kid Must Try

There are times when we suddenly get lost in the memories of how we spent our childhood. The fun we had, the games we played and fun activities we did.

When I was little, playing with the neighborhood kids was the best thing there could be. Fun was all that mattered and when at school, it was only the PE activities that motivated us- not technological devices. So here given is a list of outdoor PE activities that every kid would love.

1. Ice Water

Your childhood is never special if you have not played this at school. It’s a simple activity that can be played with more than 2 players. The game is simple. One is ice, and the rest is water. As soon as the game begins, the player posing as ice will chase the water kids and try to make them ice by simply touching them and saying “ice”. Once all the water kids become ice, the game ends.

2. Hide and Seek

This is a game that every parent must have played. The game starts when one player counts up to 10 and the rest goes into hiding within a set premise. After the counting is done, the seeker goes around the area with his/her eyes closed and tries to find the others in this manner.

3. Capture the Flag

This is a very fun game which can be made better with a large group of players. The objective is pretty simple. The squad is divided into two groups and a flag and a territory are given to each. The objective is to capture the flag of the opposite team by running into their territory and safely bringing the flag to your territory.

You can put enemy players into your territory jail after tagging them. They can be freed once a player of their team comes into your territory and tags him and runs back.

4. Traffic Cop

This game is best played on a road with little to no vehicles or in a big paved area.

It requires bikes, pedestrians, wagons, scooters and another road stuff available. One person is in charge of that the kids don’t run into each other. It’s a great game that is both fun and helpful in kids learning and understanding traffic safety.